In spring 2019, the two friends and musicians Frank Incense and George Nowak decided that after several joint projects in the past – it was time to start a new project. The common denominator was that the musical direction to be adopted should not represent a run-of-the-mill style, but should be somehow krauty and psychedelic. After all, both musicians shared a preference for Krautrock bands like CAN and the electro pioneers Kraftwerk and were big fans of Pink Floyd of the early and middle phases. After placing want ads in various relevant online portals, an intensive session phase began with a whole range of different instrumentalists. After several months of intensive jam sessions, the final line-up of the band, for which the name The Sun Or The Moon was found, finally crystallised: In addition to Frank Incense on bass, guitar, vocals and electronics and George Nowak on guitar, flute and theremin, these were the classically trained pianist Susanne Baum on keyboards and the jazz student Niclas Ciriacy on drums and percussion instruments. Gradually, the musicians began to develop songs from the rich fund of ideas they had developed in long jam sessions. The first gigs in clubs were booked, and then … came the Corona pandemic. The planned gigs were cancelled, Germany sank into lockdown. The band therefore decided to record some of the songs they had worked on in a recording studio that had already proved its worth in previous projects. The resulting material – including the title track of the later debut album „Cosmic“ – was so good that the musicians spontaneously sent it to the independent label Tonzonen Records. The people in charge there shared the musicians‘ opinion and offered The Sun Or The Moon the release of an album. The musicians started to work out and record further material, the resulting songs fill the four sides of the debut album „Cosmic“, which was recently released as an exclusive double vinyl edition. The recording sessions and mixing of the songs took several months due to the ever-worsening pandemic. Especially the mixing and editing took a considerable amount of time due to the special and detailed ideas of the musicians acting as producers. The musicians used a variety of sources of inspiration that they incorporated into the production process: 60s and 70s psychedelic bands, art and prog rock acts (Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree), Krautrock (CAN, Amon Düül), electric pioneers (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream), trip hop (Massive Attack, Portishead) as well as world music, jazz, new wave, post punk and musique concrete. The special thing about The Sun Or The Moon is that the four musicians manage to blend their multitude of influences into a homogeneous whole in a most relaxed and laid-back way. Unfortunately, guitarist George Nowak recently had to leave the band for personal reasons. The Sun Or The Moon are currently working with their new guitarist Markus Weber, who was the sound engineer for the recordings of Cosmic and can already be heard there as a guest guitarist.  This runs parallel to the work on the second album, which the band plans to release in the course of this year.

Furthermore, the band has recently begun to present their repertoire on stage.